Hunting and Fishing in Cherokee

By: Danny McWilliams

Hunting and fishing in West Colbert County are some of the best in the United
States. The area provides several state-managed wildlife hunting preserves, all
abundant with different species of wildlife to pursue. For generations, hunting
and fishing have become entertaining and educational parts of family life in our
area, so we value these numerous opportunities for success.

The Tennessee River has been recognized as one of the best places to fish for
small mouth bass in the Southeast. The habitat was developed by The Tennessee
Valley Authority in the 1930’s and broadened by its expansion of the Tennessee
River. Many professional fishing tournaments are hosted in Colbert County and
the Shoals area each year. The Tennessee River and tributaries offer many
opportunities for families to enjoy catching all types of fish and engaging in the
activities the community has to offer. Many fisherman travel here throughout
the year to take advantage of this wonderful experience.

Not only does the Tennessee River provide top quality fishing, but also provides
an exceptional habitat for forestry wildlife. Whitetail Deer and wild turkey
hunting are very popular; the various populations to be found are terrific! Many
hunters enjoy sporting their trophy kills in West Colbert County each year.

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