Welcome to the town of Cherokee, the heart of Western Colbert County. We pride ourselves on maintaining family values and a “small town feel.” It is truly an honor and a privilege, being granted the opportunity to better this great community.

Our community is located on the beautiful Tennessee River. Come enjoy the best fishing and
boating. Drop a line wherever it pleases you, and you’ll most likely catch a fish. If you are looking for a lifestyle involving hunting, fishing, boating, or a peaceful nature experience, Cherokee is the place for you. Minutes from the Natchez Trace Parkway, Cherokee has become the meeting and stopping-off place for cyclists as they ride and explore the back roads of Western Colbert County. With miles of beautiful country roads to explore, you can experience Cherokee’s beauty in all seasons.

Cherokee is a town with a proud past and a bright future. Come and visit, and you may stay a life-time.

Terry Cosby, Mayor

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